Barry C. Lynn

Cornered has changed my view of what’s gone wrong…. Brilliantly argued and meticulously reported.”

Barbara Ehrenreich, author, Nickel and Dimed and Brightsided

“Razor-sharp and chilling…. A truly groundbreaking and eye-opening work that everyone interested in understanding how the world really operates should read.”

Ha Joon Chang, winner, Leontief Prize in economics, and author, Bad Samaritans

“A real eye-opener for America’s business community…. This book is essential to understanding how we got into our current mess.”

Michael Mandel, chief economist, BusinessWeek

“Lynn is emerging as our generation’s Peter Drucker, able to move seamlessly and gracefully from the micro and the mechanical to the strategic and the geopolitical.”

Nicholas Gvosdev, editor, The National Interest